Voting systems are an abomination. We need an ISO/NIST standard for them

Voting should be as secure as bank-to-bank transfers

Aside from the recent presidential election debacle, why in the hell do we accept such a error prone, ludicrous Rube Goldberg contraption of an election process? Thousands of lost/destroyed/thrown-out votes is not “zero evidence” of a problem, it is not “statistically insignificant” or “trivial” or “minor irregularities”, it’s a fricking abomination! A politician or political bureaucrat can’t say with a straight face (as if they ever do) that “every vote counts” with such a system. The global ATM/ACH banking system can handle billions of transactions virtually error free every day. Can you imagine if it was as horrible as our election enumeration system? There would be immediate, total global economic meltdown. SOLUTION: THe USA needs an amendment to the Constitution for a standardized election process that is developed by NIST to be virtually error free. Each jurisdiction implements it independently so there is no central authority to screw with it. Standardize the election primary process and reform the Electoral College as part of the amendment.

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